Compulsory voting

Since it hasn't yet been proposed! 

Voting in UK General Elections should be compulsory for all adult citizens, except for people with specifically granted exceptions:

  • Those with a conscientious objection to voting on religious or moral grounds (e.g. Jehovah's Witnesses). 
  • Those without the capacity to make an informed, personal decision on how to vote (essentially, this would permit non voting by people e.g. with advanced dementia or severe learning difficulties, but not forbid it.)

In practical terms there would have to be penalties for not voting. I'd also suggest there should be a binding 'none of the above' option (first past the post) or a mandatory 'jury service' style neutral slate (proportional system) to ensure that those against 'politicians' have an outlet to vote for. 

(For the avoidance of doubt, I am *not* in favour of compulsory voting.)

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