Border controls should be re-established to ensure population pressures do not degrade the quality of life in the near term

The UK has benefitted throughout history from waves of migration, but population growth has never before occurred on the current scale.

In conjunction with renegotiating our relationship with the EU, the sovereignty of borders and control of migration should be enshrined as core principle that can only be altered through future changes to the Constitution. This is a facet so much at the core of what a country is, that it should never have been in the gift of Parliament or the Government to give away these controls without consulting the People.


We are already the third most densely populated major developed country on the planet, by area of arable land – at over 1000 people per sq km (aside from mountainous countries like Japan and Switzerland


In the last 10 years the UK population has grown by >5m – the fastest growth rate ever recorded, equating to a town the size of Bristol every year and twice the EU average. In 2012 c 500,000 migrants moved to the UK according to Eurostat

While birth rate and longevity are not relevant to a constitution, control of our borders should be. The opening up of our borders to all EU citizens has triggered a surge of economic migration from the less developed countries in Europe.

Future projections of our population mean that if unchecked, the pressure on resources, land for building, transport systems etc will severely degrade the quality of life for the population.

The ONS projects that our population will exceed 80m in the next 50 years, making us the most populous country in the EU by 2050 (while only 9th in land area)

London has grown by 0.5m in 5 years, to 8.5m and is projected to grow to 11m by 2050

This issue goes right to the heart of what our country is for - what is its purpose ? While economic prosperity, encouraged by free movement of labour, may be a means to help improve the wellbeing of the People, it has strayed perilously close to becoming an end in itself. The strive for growth needs a check and balance against other factors that affect the quality of life of its citizens.

In order to be clear that border control is not seen merely as a racist or right-wing policy, we need to ensure it is embodied in a framework of principles, along the following lines:

1.       - A core purpose of our country is to engender the health and well-being of its People, the sustainability of its land and resources with due consideration of the needs of today’s and future generations

2.       - We are an open society that welcomes visitors, embraces free trade and plays a responsible role in the world, commensurate with the values of a liberal democracy

3.       - Important aspects of the well-being and sustainability of this country are constrained by its size and physical resources.

4.       - There is a finite capacity for accommodating new citizens, but all those who are here legitimately have equal rights and are welcome

5.      -  We will control access to our country through its borders. We will agree through democratic mandate the number of migrants and qualification criteria which are agreed to be consistent with the aims of the Constitution.

- From this position of control of our borders, we will be able to play a responsible part in accepting and welcoming a proportionate share of those legitimately seeking asylum and refugees from war and oppression.

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