Enshrine the ECtHR as Supreme Court for Human Rights

(Edited title to correct obvious mistake - should have been European Court of Human Rights, rather than European Court of Justice) 

National governments cannot and should not be the ultimate arbiters of what is or is not lawful behaviour. Citizens should always have ultimate access to an international body, to prevent the tyranny of the majority from infringing those rights. 

The  jurisdiction would be constrained to two areas: 1) legal determination on the consistency between laws or actions of the state and the Bill of Rights/ECHR; and 2) final court of appeal for citizens where Human Rights matters are called into question. 

Judgements of the court would be absolutely binding on government and parliament. 

Fundamentally, this proposal ensures that inalienable rights remain just that, and that they cannot be infringed or removed in the interests of political expediency. 

edited on Feb 26, 2015 by Daniel Gaunt
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