ALL citizens to have equal access to justice through a "National Justice Service" (NJS), free at the point of need and paid for through general taxation i.e along the same founding principles as the NHS.

A National Justice Service (NJS) would help to develop a far more equal and just society, where the ability to seek and obtain justice via access to solicitors, barristers and the courts would be available to ALL citizens, and not just restricted as it currently is to those citizens who can afford to pay for it.

Its an unjust society, that enables some individuals and organisations to get away with the detriments they have caused to others - simply because the citizens affected do not have the financial means to seek and pursue justice.

Ideally, the National Justice Service would be free at the point of need, but in order to make it more affordable for the public purse, some form of capped rates could be agreed, to be paid for by those citizens who use the service. A National Justice Service (NJS) would give ALL citizens peace of mind that the most they would ever have to pay, should they ever need to access the justice system would be a relatively small amount, with concessions for those citizens who nevertheless simply cannot afford to pay anything at all.

The National Justice Service (NJS) could incude arbitration, reconciliation and mediation services as part of its service offering, in order to help facilitate a swift resolution wherever possible whilst still ensuring that those cases that should go to court always do so.

Current legal expenses insurance policies commonly have exclusions for many of the common areas for disputes where citizens may require access to solicitors, barristers and the courts e.g. building disputes, planning disputes etc. Insurance policies are therefore no substitute for a National Justice Service (NJS) available to all citizens and "free" at the point of need.

Our NHS is much admired around the world. The United Kingdom should now introduce an NJS as a world leading exemplar of "justice for all" .

Tom Austin Apr 12, 2015

Christine, as this is similar to   https://constitutionuk.com/post/101402  perhaps you could formulate something to cover both?

I look forward to accessing your thoughts on these matters.

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C Chapman Apr 14, 2015

Thanks Tom - will do. Best wishes - Christine

Emma McNulty Apr 15, 2015

Hi Christine and Tom - great to see you working together to formulate these clauses. Please don't hesitate to comment or message if you have any questions or would like any assistance in drafting a clause for this idea. 

C Chapman Apr 16, 2015

Thanks Tom and emcnulty - I have added my thoughts to Ian's idea at https://constitutionuk.com/post/101402

so everything is all together in one place/recorded under one idea.Thought that would be the best thing to do, but please guide me in the right direction if not. Thanks - Christine

Tom Austin Apr 16, 2015

In addition to the general link I have posted on the other topic, there is this...


C Chapman Apr 17, 2015

Thanks Tom, much appreciated. I see this Law Society Group terms of references and formation are from 2002, do you possibly know if they are still in existence, who their current members are and/or any reports etc they may have published? Thanks Christine

Tom Austin Apr 17, 2015

Christine, some of the latest docs...




There is a Group/Document search function: alas I cannot get back to it from the 'results' page.  :-(

C Chapman Apr 17, 2015

Thanks Tom