Suggested clause:

'The use of all historic titles used by hereditary heads of state, hereditary rulers and members of the aristocracy of the [UK] and elsewhere in the world is prohibited in public life in the [UK] and all privileges attached to such titles are abolished'

Titles such as Dame, Baron, Sir etc, are antiquated and unhelpful as official forms of address in political and public spheres  

They will be abolished as forms of address in political and public life (along with the abolition of the monarchy).

This abolition will not prevent individuals calling themselves what they like, including king and queen, in their private lives.

edited on Apr 18, 2015 by Ian Smith

Ian Smith Apr 5, 2015

Dear All,

I am posting a quick comment here and in my other ideas.

Firstly, I want to say how much I have enjoyed seeing all of your contributions on this and other ideas and how impressed I am with the range of expertise and erudition which has filled these debates.

Secondly, I wish to put forward a couple of suggestions as to a way forward at this stage.  They are:

A.   I suggest that we all refrain from further voting until the ideas have been refined and represented and have then been debated for a while.  My thinking here is that we will want to see the reshaped ideas and see the comments on those refined ideas before we decide whether they are to be voted up or down,  I do not think that we should refrain from voting on comments but perhaps try not to vote too hastily on them.

B.  Now that the hurly burly of the "Hacking" phase (some of it quite savage) has passed, I hope and wish that we will adopt a more collaborative and less combative approach in our commentary, so that commentary is given a chance to be constructive and really do the job of refining the ideas in question.

C.  I would hope that we can refrain from attacking the very existence of the idea under discussion in this phase or the fact that it has successfully gone through to this phase against the wishes of those who voted it down.  I sincerely hope that the previous critics of an idea, will still respect that it found favour with the crowd and now help to refine the idea in this phase.

Thirdly, I will try my best not to introduce any more typos and mangled phrases! 

Best wishes for the holiday weekend!


Ruobing Wang Apr 5, 2015

Hello, Dear Contributors


Welcome to the refining stage! In the next 2 weeks, we are looking forward to working with you, in order to refine selected ideas and produce concise final propositions based on these ideas. 

For this purpose, Head of State facilitators would like to remind you of the new features available to every contributor at this stage. Now, you can add, amend or withdraw votes already cast. This would be very important for us to see which ideas truly reflected your preferences, and to ensure that your preferences are represented fairly. 

Also, in the selected ideas, many overlap with others. Please use your judgment when choosing and voting on the ideas that are truly representative of your views.




Head of State Team

Christopher Lennon Apr 6, 2015

What shall we call you then? Smith?

Ian Smith Apr 6, 2015

Citizen Smith please!

Just kidding.  How about;: Ian, Ian Smith, Mr Smith, Colleague ?


Ian Smith Apr 7, 2015

Dear All,

Before I draft a suggested clause for the constitution, I should be very grateful if you would let me have any further thoughts on this idea and in particular the form of a constitutional clause.

Kind regards,


Ian Smith Apr 9, 2015

Please see https://constitutionuk.com/category/0?q=title...eas#/post/85010

I have posted a suggested clause for the constitution in the other identical idea (the idea was originally duplicated at the request of the moderators)

Kind regards,