A modern honours system

(To steal from an idea implied at least by IanSmith1)

In a constitutional republic, honours celebrating the British Empire or other chivalric orders will be an inappropriate anachronism. On the other hand, having some way of honouring people for their contribution to British life would seem to be a good idea, so:

  • Order of the British Empire to be replaced with something like 'Legion of Service in British Life'. Other orders to be similarly renamed. 
  • Grades to be renamed, with fellowship replacing knighthood. This would make the orders less militaristic and more like learned societies. I'd also replace the BEM with an associate grade. 
  • All existing awards to be renamed to their modern equivalents, without exception. 
  • Order of Merit and Companion of Honour to be combined into something like a 'Presidential Order of Excellence'. As now, these would be restricted in number, with the elected head of state responsible for nominations to the order on behalf of the people. 

The honours system, whatever is chosen, is something which should be incorporated into the Constitution. This is because it is something fundamental - it is the way the state, on behalf of the people, recognises achievement, excellence and contribution to British life. 


Moderator: If you disagree with this idea, you may be interested in the post  'Titles!?' https://constitutionuk.com/category/view#/post/85010

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