No Person is Above the Law - Removal of Privileges

No person in Britain is to be exempt from the law, foreign or domestic.

This includes removing the privelleges of persons in parliament and foreign nationals who would otherwise have diplomatic immunity (e.g. Pinochet, who was arrested on his visit to Britain). 


Parliamentary Privilege and related matters

Privilege of Parliament...

 12.02 freedom from arrest in civil cases;

·  exemption from subpoenas to attend court as a witness;"

Privilege of peerage

12.14 The third is freedom from arrest in civil matters; but the application of this aspect of the privilege appears to have arisen in only two cases in the courts since 1945.[531] All privilege of peerage is lost upon a disclaimer under the Peerage Act 1963."


"they do not have to serve on ordinary juries (neither do convicted felons, lunatics, or undischarged bankrupts); they cannot be arrested for forty days before and after Parliament is in session."

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