Responsibility to Protect Minority Groups

All people in Great Britain and indeed in the world ought to be guaranteed their universal and inalienable human rights. No group should receive more privilege over another.

Minority groups should not be given more rights over the majority and vice versa. I don’t want this title to mislead. It must be noted that when oppression does occur in certain regimes around the world that it is usually minority groups that face the worst of that oppression. So I argue that as a value, our constitution should be mindful of the protection of minority groups and not to allow the false belief of “tyranny of the majority” to gain ground in British politics via the revocation of rights to certain groups.

Democracy grants all people rights, but not the right to revoke the rights of others. You do not have the right to discriminate against others.


If this is kept in mind a tyranny of the majority cannot exist, and we plant the seeds of a healthy democracy.

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