My plan for government:


I believe in a federal state, with more devolved more powers to Counties, and Local Councils to have more powers over local affairs. The following is how I would like to structure our new government:

Government, parliament and courts to be organised at three different levels:

  • Federal Level

  • County Level

  • Council Level

The Federal Level will be in control of the following:

  • Foreign Relations

  • The Armed Forces

  • Customs

  • Consumption Tax Returns

  • Market Regulation

  • Any State Owned Business

  • Communications

  • State Owned Universities

The Counties will be responsible for:

  • Universities

  • Public School legislation

  • Additional Taxes

  • Welfare

The Council level will be responsible for:

  • The Running of Schools

  • Public Services of the Area

Federal Government:


National Council:

  • 100 National Councillors

  • Elected every 4 years

  • Proportional representation

Council of States:

  • Represent the regions

  • Each region sends 5 members

Both Chambers must discuss laws separately. Being a member of the council does not have a full time job salary, it is intended to be a part time job,

  • Formally meet at the end of each month

  • Each member will read proposals for new laws individually

  • There are commissions which have conferenced lasting a day

Both Chambers form several commissions

  • Some control administrative work

  • Some debate new laws in depth

  • Specialists may be elected to represent their party at these commissions (e.g an economist is elected to go to the commission on economics)

Executive Government - Federal Council:

Comprises of 7 members:

  • Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications

  • Federal Department of Finance

  • Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports

  • Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

  • Federal Department of Justice and Police

  • Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research

  • Federal Department of Home Affairs

The Head of State is the President, however:

UK should not have a full-time president; the representational functions of a president should be taken over by one (or all) of the Federal Council members. Every year another member of the government team is elected federal president in turn so that every government member assumes this role once in seven years. The president is primus inter pares (first among equals) with very limited special powers: he/she sets the agenda of the weekly conferences and leads the discussion, addresses the population on 1st of January, and formal dates and/or occasions. The President represents the UK in international conferences. Official foreign guests are usually welcomed by the government in corpore (all members).


The Federal Chancellor is the head of the Federal Chancellery - not a member of Parliament. They have a four year term, elected by the Federal Council.

You can be one of the seven members of the Federal Council as long as:

  • Your party still votes for you to be their leader

  • The public still vote your party in to power.


Direct Democracy:

I would like to see an increase in direct democracy in the UK:

  • Frequent referendums on new or changed laws, whether to repeal a law etc..

  • Some are mandatory i.e constitutional change

  • Some are facultative - if 80,000 citizens sign a petition, a referendum will be organised on the issue

  • Ordinary citizens may propose constitutional change with the presentation of 100,000 signatures to the Federal Council.

County Level:

The Regions will be free to organise themselves as they please, as long as they respect each other, the federal constitution and the minorities.

  • Each region can have it’s own constitution, their own Regional Council (around 5 elected members) and a Parliament.

Regions can also work together, as some citizens may live in one region, but travel to and work in another.

Council Level:

  • Organise the local garbage collection

  • They are responsible for the collection of property tax

  • Responsible for the people in the community

  • Where you go to court (if you are from the same council)

(This is essentially the system in Switzerland, but with a few tweaks)

I still think we should have a constitutional monarchy and a written constitution, in addition to the new government system.

Voting System:

I would also like to change the voting system. I propose a system, similar to that of the Swedish system.


  • Every voter has the choice of two ballot cards.

  • The first card is the ‘Party Ballot’ and only has the name of each standing party, and the voter chooses this card if they do not wish to show a preference to which party candidate is elected. The voter votes for a party.

  • The second card is the ‘Name Ballot’ and has a party name, followed by a list of candidates. A voter using this ballot can choose which candidate they prefer from the party.

  • The Voter chooses one of the two ballot cards before they enter the secretive area to mark their preference.

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