Magna Carta of 2015

The Magna Carta of 1215 became a historical document in that it was the first document in England to preserve rights for certain people and to take away alleged "God-given" powers of the Monarch.  The spirit of this document went onto influence the American Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.  Today, 800 years later, this document is still a mythical document by inspiring the creation of a UK Constitution.  Therefore, how appropriate would it be that instead of labeling the document a "Constitution", rather it be labeled the "Magna Carta of 2015", which shall be the supreme law of the land. 

edited on Mar 7, 2015 by Cecilia Rossler

John Z Apr 6, 2015

Any thoughts as to be above?  Does this document have more credibility if it is called a "Constitution" or the "Magna Carta of 2015"?  Being labeled a "Constitution" makes it more in line with other countries, but does the label the "Magna Carta of 2015" give it more global mystique and thus more credible?  Does global mystique matter to the UK?