No dual mandates

We are at various points discussing layers of government.  This idea is very simple.

if you are elected at one tier of government, you can not also take a seat at another layer.   You are elected to do one job and one job only.

In practice, I would allow a grace period of one year between getting elected to a second position and having to resign the first but councillors should focus on being councillors, MPs on being MPs, members of Assemblies and sub national parliament on being such members, and MEPs on being MEPs.  

edited on Mar 23, 2015 by Noita Sadler

Harry Blain Apr 11, 2015

Something like this? "Representatives elected at the local, regional, or federal level will not be able to serve, at the same time, or within a year, in another tier of government."

Debra Storr Apr 11, 2015

Having looked at the evidence, this appears to be largely a non problem.  In Scotland people seem very good at relinquishing an old role within a year of taking up a new and while there was an issue in NI, it appears to have withered away: voters don't like it and extent their own pressures.

So this may be a case where the proposer is happy to see it drop.


otherwise the wording proposed seems to cover it - but I'm no lawyer, certainly not a constitutional one.

id prefer something plainer

No person shall hold more than one position at any tier of government for more than one year.  

We we should resist specifying tiers as these may vary over time and geography.  

Mark Cooke Apr 15, 2015

I think this is too restrictive a formulation,  I'd suggest that people should only be restricted from holding two posts which are intended to be full time jobs.  Lots of people serve on parish/community councils and and the district council,  or on both district and county councils, and I don't see that this is objectionable in the same way as MPs being MEPs or MSPs for example.

Debra Storr Apr 15, 2015

You've a problem in determining what should be full time jobs (cf Mps with second jobs) - and of course, I forget as Scotland has unitary authorities, that two tiers of local government exist elsewhere. 

I'd rather people didn't hog positions but opened to doors to others but I can see that the lowest tiers, dual roles may be reasonable. 

We agree on no dual mandates at Euro, UK, and state level.  Can we agree this should also extend to regional levels (the level of, say, the London Assembly) and allow dual mandates between lower tiers (but not mixed with the Regional and above tiers?