Procedure for the establishment and amendment of the constitution


The constitution should be established by:

  - the passing of an Act of Parliament providing for the establishment of the constitution subject to the approval of voters; and,

  - a simple majority vote in favour in a referendum.

The constitution should be subject to amendment and should set out the procedure for making such a change.

The following should be entitled to proposed an amendment:

  - a simple majority in each of the two houses of the national parliament;

  - voters by presentation of a petition to the Head of State supported by at least 10% of those eligible to vote.

Any amendment proposed should be put to voters in a referendum with a two thirds majority required for it to become part of the constitution.

Were the constitution to establish a tier of regional governments throughout the UK along the lines of those already set up in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, these governments should have the right to propose an amendment provided that it was supported by a majority in a minimum of 50% of the regional parliaments.


edited on Mar 2, 2015 by Alastair Bruton
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