Enhanced powers for local and regional government

Enhanced powers for local and regional government in areas such as housing, energy, public services and business

Edward Jones Apr 11, 2015

Now we've entered the refining phase, how do you think this idea could be refined to include comments from the 'Hacking the Content' phase into a concise proposition?

  Please continue to vote for/against ideas and feel free to change you original vote.

Debra Storr Apr 11, 2015

The principle here I think is enshrined in that weasel word subsiduarity.

i think there is a broad agreement that we should do stuff at the lowest possible level.  I would therefore propose that the constitution mandates




and permits communities to come together at


sub region


levels as they see fit.  

that provides a structure that while setting the top tiers in line with history, allows each state to have its own internal structure to suit its needs,  I'd expect England to have more tiers than Scotland - but ip that would be Englands choice.

We need a way for communities to reconfigure the intermediate tiers periodically : both in terms of borders and powers.  Not too often : reorganisations are disruptive and expensive but say a full review every 20 years.  

in terms of powers, push most stuff down to states and communities.  Let then pass stuff back up if they want  - but if e.g. Wales and England wanted to retain the same criminal and civil lW structures, they'd either have to accept that all UK reps get to vote or Wales could simply adopt English changes or vice versa.  Non of this EVEL nonsense please.