Having a choice of constitution

There are reasons to be pessimistic; for the possibility of the unbiased vote given an ethical constitutional choice:

clearly we cannot vote for a different constitution given the party system is already dogma. Suppose we can vote for a constitution, the cynical will just say it will be decided by those institutions and corporations that have the most capital. If so, what is the point of spending the time and money to make it happen? Well if their power and influence becomes more and more focused as seems inevitable, the state becomes a threat to individual freedom. Democracy is stood on its head! 


Even a monarch cannot be expected to call for the constitution to change, if it means they lose their wealth and influence. Neither does the prime minister or parliament have any interest in changing, given its ruling party works for its own special interests. Their apathy, laziness and corruption are well rewarded by our passiveness and indifference. Don't bet on it though, revolutions happen because the citizens get angry and learn to want change; like the suffragettes they get tired of the same old, same old; lies, promises together with plenty of stupidity. 

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