Primary Elections

"Citizens who are affiliated with a political party shall have the right to vote in a primary election to choose the individual to run under the party label as a Member of Parliament". 

The purpose of this proposal is for the people who have a specific party affiliation (not just party members) to have the right to choose the individual who can run for MP under the party name.  This takes the power out of the hands of the party leaders, and into the hands of the people. 

Another key point is that this is not an "open primary" in which any person can vote for anyone;  rather, this applies only to those who designate a party affiliation, and they can only vote in their own parties' primary election.  This point is significant because if non-affiliated members of a party can vote in a party primary, they may choose to sabotage the party by voting for an incompetent/weak person to run under that party name.  (Ex.  Unaffiliated Labour supporters vote in a Tory primary election, and choose a weak Tory to run in the general election).  

I edited this proposal to use the word "affiliated" as opposed to "party members", because the percent of the population who has party membership is less than 1%, so by allowing "affiliated" party individuals to vote in the primary would open up this process to a larger percent of the population. 


edited on Mar 19, 2015 by Noita Sadler
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