Increasing access for local citizens

We have access to BBC parliament although 'live access' is relatively restricted and 'partioned' to give a 'fair' representation of proceedings seemingly centres upon the strange proceeding relating to PM Q's. 

At the very least, we can actually see the deliberations.

Might not a way forward be that citizens might 'see' and be able to comment in real time in relation to local government? Increased use of information and communications technologies might feel that citizens have a more enhanced view of who they electe and what exactly they are doing on our behalf. 

Edward Jones Apr 11, 2015

Now we've entered the refining phase, how do you think this idea could be refined to a more concise proposition?

  Please continue to vote for/against ideas and feel free to change you original vote.

Mark Cooke Apr 11, 2015

This could be encompassed within a broader constitutional provision that all public bodies must operate openly, including by online means.