Incorporate the ECHR into the Constitution? - Conor Gearty's challenge



  • The text of the ECHR, including the protocols (amendments) to the Convention, could be directly incorporated into the constitution. This would mean that the Convention, in its entirety, would become part of UK domestic law.


VERSION 2: is the prefered version

  • The rights protected under the European Convention on Human Rights and the protocols thereto are equally protected under this constitution. 
  • The foregoing provision shall not prevent the state from extending greater protections to its citizens than those provided under the European Convention on Human Rights


Please let us know what you think by commenting and voting on the above proposal!


The ConstitutionUK Team 




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laure roux Apr 11, 2015

Dear all, please let us know which version you like the most?

James Doran Apr 13, 2015

version 2

laure roux Apr 13, 2015

Hi jamesdoran as you seen from recent development I gave responsibility to alistair burton in relation to your ideas on sovereignty Don't hesitate to comment on his idea so that your own perception of sovereignty be included!

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Rob G Apr 11, 2015

I prefer 2, but I think it might need to be qualified to include only those protocols that the UK has ratified; and that the Reservations or Derogations that the UK has made remain in force.

John Z Apr 11, 2015

I will abstain on this question.  I prefer to repeal HRA 1998 (which is not an option above).

laure roux Apr 13, 2015

Indeed voting from the previous phase resulted In this idea being put forward.