Dignity, respect and responsibilities

Having reviewed some of these posts, these three words seem to shine through. Human dignity for me is an absolute. There should be very explicit references to the rights of all from cradle to grave in terms of how actually the constitution guarantees the right to dignity but reference must be made.

Respect flows from dignity. The constitution should embody that that all participants, including government, citizens public and authorities should be bound within a 'culture' of respect within constitutional law.

Dignity and respect and also flow into the environment and the treatment of all species that this planet is lucky enough to hold and we as the 'top' species currently.

This moves into 'responsibilities within any proposed constitution should be included. Not sure how though? '  

Cecilia Rossler Apr 10, 2015

Could you suggest how your idea could be formulated into one sentence?

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Gavin Russ Apr 10, 2015

Hi C,

Don't think Ican do it in one ... But will try ...

'The constituion values and respects the human rights and dignities of each citizen as agreed by Parliament and with enhanced consultation with devolved insitutions at whatever level. However, the citizen must accept his/her individual repsonabilites to uphold the rIghts and dignities 'agreed'(?) and granted by the security ensured by the constitutional settlement. 

Can't get the language to fit to one .... But will try again later! Confusing but definite question .... Thank you 


Gavin Russ Apr 10, 2015

One missed word 'fundamentally' where would this be placed? 

Fiona Condon Apr 10, 2015

Shouldn't we value and respect the rights and dignities of people who aren't citizens of the UK too?

Gavin Russ Apr 10, 2015

Yes most definitely. My statement above is just a first 'stab' at trying to come to a brief statement relting to the initial challenge! Not sure ! 

Salka Margrét Sigurðardóttir Apr 11, 2015

Thank you for coming up with a redraft GavinRuss. Could you edit the original post and include the revised version above the old version? 

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Salka Margrét Sigurðardóttir Apr 17, 2015

Gavin, I just wanted to let you know that if no final redraft will be posted by tomorrow I will need to take over and do it for you, since all ideas have to have to include a revised version before this phase of the project ends tomorrow night. 

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Gavin Russ Apr 17, 2015

Hey Salka, thanks for your consideration . Will REALLY make an effort to do this tonight. Again thamks

Gavin Russ Apr 18, 2015

Hi Salka,

maybe just take the first sentence in my revised  post? So ...

The constitution will ensure the human rights and dignities every citizen and Parlimaent and devolved institutions will together be responsible for this clause to be fundamentally maintained and sustained.

Salka Margrét Sigurðardóttir Apr 18, 2015

Yes this is good Gavin. Could you please edit the original post and put this clause at the top, and keep the old one below. Thanks so much. 

Gavin Russ Apr 18, 2015

Just a rushed redraft sorry! So ...

'The constitution will ensure essential human rights and dignities with full regard to treaties and concords agreed by Parliament and devolved institutions. It is a fundamental consitutional duty of Parliament and devolved institutions to maintain and sustain human rights and essential dignities that benefit the commonwealth of all citizens.