Prohibition of forced marriage

Suggested clause:

'Forced marriage is prohibited. The Government shall take an active approach to ensuring that this right is guaranteed.'

edited on Apr 13, 2015 by Ian Smith

Ian Smith Apr 5, 2015

Dear All,

I am posting a quick comment here and in my other ideas.

Firstly, I want to say how much I have enjoyed seeing all of your contributions on this and other ideas and how impressed I am with the range of expertise and erudition which has filled these debates.

Secondly, I wish to put forward a couple of suggestions as to a way forward at this stage.  They are:

A.   I suggest that we all refrain from further voting until the ideas have been refined and represented and have then been debated for a while.  My thinking here is that we will want to see the reshaped ideas and see the comments on those refined ideas before we decide whether they are to be voted up or down,  I do not think that we should refrain from voting on comments but perhaps try not to vote too hastily on them.

B.  Now that the hurly burly of the "Hacking" phase (some of it quite savage) has passed, I hope and wish that we will adopt a more collaborative and less combative approach in our commentary, so that commentary is given a chance to be constructive and really do the job of refining the ideas in question.

C.  I would hope that we can refrain from attacking the very existence of the idea under discussion in this phase or the fact that it has successfully gone through to this phase against the wishes of those who voted it down.  I sincerely hope that the previous critics of an idea, will still respect that it found favour with the crowd and now help to refine the idea in this phase.

Thirdly, I will try my best not to introduce any more typos and mangled phrases! 

Best wishes for the holiday weekend!


Andrew Bulovsky Apr 13, 2015

With only one week remaining in the refining stage, the facilitators will draft some language for this idea. We'll do everything we can to redraft the original submission in line with your comments and suggestions. If the original poster would like to take over the idea they are more than welcome to at any point. Please do comment to offer suggestions on specific wording and to guide us on which suggestions should take priority (by voting them up/down).

"Forced marriage shall be prohibited. The Government shall take an active approach to ensuring that this right is guaranteed."

Any other suggestions/amendments? Thanks!

Ian Smith Apr 13, 2015

Thanks Andrew, now in use - see idea as now formulated.

Kind regards,


Rob G Apr 13, 2015

I wonder if "State authorities" might be better than "The Government" - that way it would pick up local authorities and police forces as well as Whitehall. (Admittedly, the finished document might have a Definitions section giving that sort of expansive meaning to the term Government, but I'm looking at this in isolation at the moment)

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Tom Austin Apr 13, 2015

I'm leaning to leaving this to legislation. As far as the 'force-ee' is concerned their rights are secured elsewhere.

Imogen Galilee Apr 13, 2015

Tom, I think we've passed that point. We're assuming that it will be in the constitution now, the question is now just about phrasing.

Tom Austin Apr 14, 2015

Imogen, FYI, I have just voted this down, only 5 more and we shall be back on-track.

There will be many particular issues; this, FGM, CSA,...  but rather than fuss over whether to list them in ascending/descending/alphabetically - or women & children first, a Written Constitution offers us the opportunity to declare and declare again about respect for the rights of all individuals. Where is the loophole in this regard?

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Andrew Bulovsky Apr 13, 2015

Happy to help, Ian! I'm looking forward to seeing if others have any potential amendments or ideas for rephrasing.

Thanks again!

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Scott Wilson Apr 14, 2015

Strikes me this idea, which I fully support in principle, is the application of freedom to contract and freedom of association.  It's one implementation of it.  Could it be rolled into those principles?