Freedom of Choice

"The people shall have the general right of freedom of choice".

This provision may either be listed on its own, or it can be combined with the proposal for freedom of speech;  expression;  and assembly.  (  Much like any other "right", it is not absolute.  For instance, there is no right to "choose" to commit burglary, larceny, etc...;  in other words, this "right" must be harmony with other legal rights of other people.

Also, when people say "freedom of choice", to many people this defines the abortion issue, but this proposal is not about abortion, it is about the general "freedom of choice".  The topic of abortion is too specific for a Constitution (as is the "freedom" to walk, to run, to read, etc...;  these are to detailed for a Constitution).

This proposal may seem obvious, but it is a must in the Constitution. 


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