The Single Transferable Vote should become the UK's new voting system in General Elections

Following on from debate in the Electoral Reform Society's idea, Proportionality in Elections (""), STV came up as a key talking point.

Here you can vote for if you'd like to see STV be enshrined in a new UK Constitution, and replace our current system of FPTP!

Don't forget to vote on the idea whether to keep or ditch Party Lists too -

Also, please keep debate on the subject in the original post - this is primarily for voting purposes!



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Nicholas Charalambides Apr 5, 2015

Now we are into phase two, and so we can consolidate discussion on this topic, could we keep all commentary on this idea in the Electoral Reform Society's post:

Many Thanks!

Faisal Ahmed Apr 16, 2015

We have to bear in mind Electoral reform (such as implementing PR/STV) has to be looked at in conjunction with reform of Parliament (Upper & Lower houses), Devolution (for example a Federal arrangement of Regional assemblies) and Local Government.

Done in isolation, the impact/benefit of any of this will be restricted.