Integration of the member States

Integration cannot be rationally realised within an EU constitution or for any member state unless it is something worth signing up to or defending. It seems to me that it has no future if it is not modelled on an informed choice, but just imposed through the back door. Carefully consider:

a) Representative democracy registers the right of the citizens' capital to form congresses of interests

b) Delegated democracy registers the right of the citizens' votes to form congresses of interests


a) appears to uphold the sovereignty of parliaments parties, which are financed and lobbied by those with the most capital. Whereas b)'s delegates and legislators actually work for the citizens congresses. Merely representing the citizens’ interests, a) will always lean towards abstract rights and so better accommodate favours, disrespect and discrimination. With a) cultural integration appears to lose out to ever more citizens becoming disenfranchised by unsustainable competition and conflict.




edited on Mar 27, 2015 by laure roux
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