Citizens Policy Forums as a new chamber of parliament


Parliament should take responsibility for all public consultation and participation about Government policy and delivery through a network of Policy Forums of elected stakeholder representative covering broad areas of public policy such community safety (including the criminal justice system), education, environment, families, health, global issues, rural affairs, poverty reduction, the elderly and youth. Policy Forums would connect all consultative structures in each policy area. For example, the health forum would have representatives from HealthWatch, Health and Well Being Boards, Patient Participation Panels, etc. This would strengthen both the deliberative and scrutiny functions of Parliament. They would improve the strategic development and implementation of policy, increase participation and trust in politics, and deepen democracy. “Citizens Policy Forums” would be a new kind of parliamentary process, alongside an elected second chamber, to crowd source solutions to problems and enable citizens to take part between elections through the internet, participatory community meetings and democratic associations of civil society, as well as a structured online platform.  The members of Policy Forums would create a wider pool of potential members for an elected replacement for the House of Lords. Civil society organisations themselves could take the initiative and create policy forums to scrutinise and challenge Government to do better. Forums would be linked to the House of Commons through the Select Committee System, possibly chaired jointly by two or three members of a select committee.


For a more detailed see discussion paper on Citizen’s Policy Forums see attached or go to:


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