Core institutions like the NHS, BBC and academic freedom which embody values

Our values are embodied in certain institutions which should be protected by the constitution. Parliament and the rule of law are examples of embedded values. Others would include:

  • The national health service, which has its own constitution, with social care and well-being added;

  • The constitution of the BBC as an independent national broadcasting service, and its six principles;

  • Schools as foundations of a learning democracy;

  • The independence of universities as places of learning, teaching and research;

    More controversially perhaps, we could include

  • The military, with a statement of its purpose, including the covenant with soldiers

  • The security services and their accountability to Parliament

  • Independence of the Bank of England and the role of monetary policy in relation to employment, inflation and economic well-being

  • Net neutrality: the internet as a public utility open to all
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