Decriminalization of minor possession of certain controlled substances. Any thoughts?

Moderator: This idea has been closed, as it explicitly says it is not intended for inclusion in the constitution.


I'll begin by saying that this proposal is too specific for a Constitution, and instead is a matter of specific policy for Parliament.  But I wanted to get this issue out there, as I am surprised nobody else mentioned this considering other specific policies have also been proposed.

This proposal (as the title states) is for decriminalizing minor possession (weight of substance to be determined by Parliament) of certain controlled substances (specific substances to be determined by Parliament) by non-violent offenders, instead of incarceration.  The purpose is these specific people need treatment instead of prison.  Additionally, considering the cost of imprisonment as compared to the cost of treatment, it will also result in a huge amount of savings to the taxpayer.

Any thoughts?  

edited on Apr 13, 2015 by Cecilia Rossler

Ian Hodgson Apr 8, 2015

Too right this would be mater for parliament. This would be considered on the evidence and should be subject to review. Consider what would happen if a new substance came along wwhich caused the users to behave violently one would not have to go through the process of changing the constitution which should not be an easy matter once it is settled. Likewise what if a future government wishes to outlaw tobacco given the huge cost to the health services or alcohol!