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Dear all, As you are aware the crowdsourcing phase of this project will end in 3 days, Please continue to vote as only ideas scoring at least 1 will be advanced in the next phase Please continue to comment as these comment will be of major importance in the next phase - indeed these comments will be used to try and reformulate ideas that have been posted. Eventually keep posting ideas if you still have some, if you don't share them they won't be analysed in the next phase. Thank...

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laure roux

Dear contributors I would like to have your views on some questions that have not yet been raised on this platform such as:   - Should be there a constitutional court in the UK capable of reviewing the actions of the EU, that would be similar to the German court. Indeed the german constitution included fundamental values that cannot be encroached. To this effect the constitutional court can declare an EU piece of legislation as unconstitutional. This was particularly highlighted with the...

laure roux
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laure roux

Following the various ideas regarding the integration of provisions relating to climate change and the question raised by the weekly update video, I think it is importantto ask ourselves whether the UK should refer to international instruments relating to climate change in its constitution. Indeed, sustainable development is a founding principle of the European Union and is underpinned in the UK by the 2005 Sustainable Development Strategy, Securing the Future and the climate change act...

laure roux
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Should the UK have a written codified constitution?

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