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Suggested wording: Legal aid shall be available to all persons who do not have the resources to fund their own representation in all cases, either civil or criminal. Original idea: The Constitution should outline that legal aid is a requirement for a functioning legal system and stipulate that there should always be a legal aid system that is somewhat protected from budget cuts.  It can't be too prescriptive, as it needs to be able to adapt to future circumstances, but it should...

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Emma McNulty

There has been an amount of discussion surrounding the need to clarify the position of the UK Supreme Court, given the binding nature of decisions made at a European level. While I agree that this is something that should be made explicitly clear, I wonder why it is so often discussed (particularly in the media) as if the binding nature of European decisions is a bad thing. Shouldn't we consider it a good thing that if any government within the EU, including our own, infringes upon human...

Emma McNulty
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