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The elderly should have guaranteed access to pensions and care homes, to ensure their dignity in old age. There's been a lot of talk about raising the retirement age recently - but the fact that our country looks after its pensioners with a state pension is something we should be proud of. I know there are debates about how much pensioners actually receive, but a commitment to look after our elderly should be celebrated. Should a definite retirement age be decided on and written into...

Lucy Knighton
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Lucy Knighton

A lot of people think politics 'doesn't apply to them' as there's a perception that all big decisions are handled by Central Government. Byelaws are a great way to implement change at a local level - but we could do with a greater focus on them. This could help with issues such as anti-social behaviour, planning issues or trading hours.  For example, a street which has a particularly bad reputation for antisocial behaviour could have a curfew imposed. I think the public need to know...

Lucy Knighton
by Lucy Knighton
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Should the UK have a written codified constitution?

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