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I do not think that we need a new constitution to abolish the monarchy. The current constitutional arrangements for the UK are flexible and can accommodate such a change. Here is my plan: * Pass a law stating that 'the Crown' now refers to the physical coronation crown and, from now on, that object symbolically embodies the sovereignty and will of all citizens of the Republic. * All laws that reference 'the Crown' now have to be interpreted through consensus and good sense, according to...

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Stuart Astill

Stuart Astill

Sheffield, United Kingdom

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Bio Dr Stuart Astill is Principal Consultant at IOD PARC, a leading global specialist provider of consultancy services to public, private and third sector clients. He is a Research Associate with the LSE Public Policy Group he is also a member of faculty at Sciences-Po (IEP, Paris) teaching a political economy module on Economic Choices as part of their Masters of Public Affairs (MPA) programme. He has taught widely on government, politics and economics at LSE and as Visiting Lecturer at Sheffield University with undergraduate and graduate courses on public administration, political analysis, economics of public policy, rational choice and comparative policy change. He has researched extensively the theory and practical implications of networks and policy making in France and the UK and is interested in the roles of evolution of ideas, networks and complexity in public policy formation. Stuart has almost twenty years’ practice experience in the UK, EU and with international clients in a variety of roles including economic and policy advice, business strategy and analysis, policy analysis as well as a professional statistician. Stuart was previously the National Audit Office (NAO) Research Fellow based at the LSE where he carried out a major piece of research on value-for-money audit in the UK NAO and the French Cour des Comptes.



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