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Select Committees should have more power to hold government to account.  Committees like the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have shown their effectiveness in uncovering poor working practices, areas for improvement and initiative for change. Yet their hard work is undermined by the ability of the government to simply ignore it.  By granting more extensive powers to these committees to call and enforce the attendance of witnesses, to hold civil servants more directly to account and to...

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Helen Richardson

Though we don't have a 'Bill of Rights' per se, this does not mean that we have no rights. Nor does it mean that the only rights which are protected are those enshrined within the ECHR through the Human Rights Act (HRA) 1998.  We have long entrusted our judiciary with safeguarding our fundamental rights. Indeed large proportions of the tort law system alone are entirely dependent on judicial interpretation and the protection or rights therein. The judiciary have proven themselves adequate...

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Should the UK have a written codified constitution?

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