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The UK obviously has a long history of constitutional law going back to the Magna Carta of 1215 and a bill of rights from 1689. However It can be argued that they need to reviewed and edited and presented as a set of holistic reforms to set the UK up for the 21st Century.  To unambiguously reaffirm some basic principles to remove any possibility of them being undermined at a later date by the state:   Human Rights – UNCHR good place to start but to include (but not limited to):...

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Taking the premise of a UK continuing to contain England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland Proposal is as well as the existing Scottish Parliament and Welsh and N. Ireland assemblies to create a number of English regional assemblies. The argument being that the why are the issues that say Scotland feels it is necessary to have a seperate parliament any different from the concern of say the NE of England? The proposal would be to have 6 English regional assemblies in addition to the...

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Still two-tier parliament, lower & upper houses.  All lower house representatives are elected Upper house representatives could be a mix of elected or nominated. However in context of devolving power to regional assemblies, national (UK) parliament can be much smaller   Lower House Say 200-250 representatives 5 year terms Independent or party affiliated Constituency based – context of elections by PR Min age 21 Fit and proper person test A process for sacking...

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