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  Everyone's right to be safe from physical violence, intimidation, harassment, inhuman or degrading treatment shall be protected by law.    (a) no one will be physically harmed or subject to inhuman or degrading treatment as a punishment for a crime;    (b) no one will be physically harmed or subject to inhuman or degrading treatment to obtain information or a confession      Except    (a) In defense of any person from immediate unlawful violence, inhuman and degrading treatment    (b) in...

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Trevor Pearson

THE REVISED VERSION OF THE IDEA: The state has a duty to protect all animals from the intentional or reckless infliction of suffering by humankind, for whatever purpose, and to ensure that citizens provide animals in their care with the Five Freedoms (as defined by the Government's Farm Animal Welfare Council). THE OLD VERSION OF THE IDEA: That the constitution should include a requirement for the protection of animals from cruelty and abuse. Including all domestic and wild...

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The need for a bill of rights, to protect those rights for ourselves and future generations from political interference. To be binding on all future governments and to establish the absolute rule of law.   Rather the add verbiage to ideas and discussions, I felt it might be better to address these points, brought up by Shahriar and Imogen directly in one place. (1) why you think ordinary acts of parliament cannot adequately protect the right to privacy; and Because any parliament can...

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