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At the moment there are vast numbers of low-paid local Councillors. These Councillors make very little progress, make very few decisions and generally discuss rather than  do. The Planning Committee is often the only committee that any local people ever attend and it is not surprising - this is the only committee that makes really important decisions at a sub-County level. So we need to replace them with someone democratic and something that will work. Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone...

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Gavin Ayling

Suggested clause: Courts will be free at the point of use, paid for by Government, for all matters that are not considered vexatious. Original wording: At the moment poorer people must get legal aid, richer people have access to manipulative lawyers and justice gets lost somewhere in the middle. So I think we need two changes to support a fairer system: 1. No cost at point of use for the courts. If you want to go to court, it should be free so long as your case is not shown to be...

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