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        The monarchy is an anachronism. Some say the monarch is part of our history and tradition. Well so are a lot of things but we tend to out those in a museum. Monarchy is not part of my history; the cotton mills of the north are. I don’t recall anyone arguing to keep them. The royal family as we know them today is a modern invention. Previous monarchs were aloof and remote. To be honest I am not sure why we need a head of state at all – except for other heads of state to have...

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Colin Davies

    I want an English parliament to speak for me. I want my voice back. Power and representation has been devolved to the other home countries, but the English are denied this privilege. For too long the English have been silent, and have sacrificed their identity and culture to the imperial concept of British. The political elite have promised votes for the English on English laws. This is not acceptable. Why should the English only be allowed to vote on English matters determined and...

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