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Essentially, every person has the right to reasonably priced accommodation. The way I see this playing out is as follows: 1a) Unless you or a family member actually uses the residential property as their main domicile, you either cannot own (extreme version) or pay an additional tax (weak version) on the property. NOTE: This does not apply properties the sole use of which is for business. 1b) When this particular right is instituted, the government will essentially 'bail out' those...

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An elected upper chamber, even if it was elected through proportional representation, would still be full of the same politicos that we're used to seeing. Instead what I propose is a second house of governments, the participants of which are chosen at random from any citizens of the UK above 25 years of age (to make sure they have some experience of life as an adult, at least). It would be a smaller chamber (200 people), half of which are selected every two years (for a four year term)....

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