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Here is how I believe the basic structure of a possible future republican government for our country should be formed.  The House of Commons which is our equivalent to the following Republics: Lower house - Irish/German Republics  Secretaries of State - The French Republic  House of Representatives - The United States of America's Republic Should be renamed the 'Lower Parliament' and is made up of elected politicians from our current political parties. With a general election every...

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Adam Welch

A system with an unelected head of state is not a full democracy. Although many of the royals powers have been transferred to the government the head of state is an important job and that person should be voted in by the public and not entitled to it by birthright. Inequality is rightly unacceptable regarding sexism, racism and any other matters yet the royalists have no problem with one family inheriting their positions and excluding every other member of the population. To republicans like...

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Should the UK have a written codified constitution?

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