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Chapter I. Justice And Liberty.   Every person born in Australia shall thereby become an Australian citizen, save for the children of foreign diplomats and occupying foreign military forces, as shall every person born to parents one of whom is an Australian citizen temporarily overseas.  The Parliament shall legislate to provide for naturalisation procedures for lawful immigrants, who shall not be deprived of citizenship without cause, and like procedures for permanent emigrants....

Andrew Francis Oliver
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Andrew Francis Oliver

A titular weak politcally neutral Presidency with codified powers overseeing a strong parliament that listens to civil society  ...  With the right model constitution, this could faciliate the regrowth of civil society, undo the post war atomisation of the depth of political activism and thereby improve outcomes to benefit all those who have civil society organisations demanding their betterment  ... Not tax-and-spend left paternalism, more a distributed sydicalism where the economic...

Andrew Francis Oliver
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Andrew Francis Oliver

Andrew Francis Oliver

Glen Huntly, Australia

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Bio After two decades odd membership of Australian Labor Party, resigned. Republican activist, awanting to make space in the public imagination for participatory democracy. A right wing social democrat, my opinion is that the state is a very poor redistributor. If the poor, the lumpen proletariat want more, they've got to organise and fight for more. Join a union, plan to use the 1800's economic freedoms to strike for higher wages, if that is their wont. Only civil society organisations can spread the wealth by force of organised activism. The parliaments exist to regulate the marketplace of ideas and limit social action to prevent violent upheaval and totalitarianism ... the limits are inherent, a tiny clique of all-knowing all-wise leaders atrying to win socialism by decree from on-high is an essentially bankrupt agenda ... In Australia I support a directly elected weak neutral presidency with codified powers ... There's a draft Constitution of the Republic of Australia 2050 on my scribd site:- for more details ...



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