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We all have the right and duty to participate in the shared endeavour of our citizenship in our home. But that is difficult for many because income and wealth inequality both restrict our ability to do so and reduce the sense of stakeholding that many feel they have in this nation.  My modest proposal is that there should be a constitutional requirement for any government to ensure that the national Gini co-efficient is never higher than 0.300. It is currently between 0.32 and 0.34. 

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Random selection of a proportion of members of Parliament a bit like juries at present. Currently parliament excludes the normal - look at the disproportionate numbers of privately educated, middle class Oxbridge men or any combination of those four categories thereof. This needs to be radically addressed.  I suggest 30 % of the upper (or second) house are randomly selected and either sit for the duration or for one year and are then replaced. I have served on a jury and was very...

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