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Regardless of who is elected on whatever platform, a constitution absolutely must constrain the ability of government to subjugate fundamental civil and political rights.  For the absence of doubt, these rights apply to all adults (children do not have unlimited criminal, contract or political rights and responsibilities). This includes: -The right to live one's life as you see fit, including control over your own body (limited only when one acts criminally against others or their...

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Scott Wilson

A republican constitution should simply define the territorial extent of the geography of the sovereign state, it should not subordinate or even mention any treaties that may bind any current governments to other organisations.  For example, it should remain within the authority of any government to leave the EU, UN and any of its affiliated agencies, WTO, NATO or any bilateral treaties with other countries, or join any and remain treaty bound as such. It must remain a sovereign right to...

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Local government should remain a creature of Parliament, and not be enshrined in constitution, primarily because of the disparate views of what powers it should retain and because local government is not essential in exercising the core powers of the state to protect rights. It exists for various political and administrative purposes, but it is not fundamental. Many want local government to exist in an effectively federal system, with distinct powers.  Advocate a federal government if you...

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