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Second revision: First revision: Rights that in the future will be considered fundamental to democracy, but are unknown due to 1. the problem hasn't arised that demonastrates the need for the right, or 2. society hasn't reached the requisite circumstances in which that right is revealed, i.e. The right to uncensored Internet could only be known after the Internet was created and was beginning to be used, will be protected with a clause which states "Any rights deemed fundamental to a...

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In addition to having a process by which the text of the new constitution can be amended, interpretation can be changed in the Supreme Court. When the new constitution is written, annotation on different clauses will tell the courts how the text should be read. If the Supreme Court wishes to change that interpretation, they may do so, but before the interpretation is enacted, a simple referendum will have to take place which will have to contain the part(s) of the constitution in question,...

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Here's another method for amending the new Constitution. For the most part it isn't much different than what others have suggested but there is a key difference at the end. There are two ways for an amendment to come before the people. 1. if ⅔ of Parliament passes an amendment 2. if ½ of the UK signs a petition supporting such an amendment. The government will have to provide an online place for petitions to be formed. Any petition will require that the amendment proposed is written...

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