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A person claims to have evidence that any policy or method of delivering a service is capable of having harmful or dangerous outcomes for some of the people who it is done to, which are not widely recognised already. Any person who claims this should have an automatic right to their evidence's publishing, on paper, accompanied by mentioning in the media. It can then be responded to on the merits of its content. It's not a right to have what they are saying taken as right, it's a right to...

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Maurice Frank

If you can't elect your government, your well recognised human rights have been sneakily bypassed. Yet that is the position of every voter in any seat where any of the parties or alliances contending for government choose not to stand. Every party or alliance which is contending more than half the seats, enough to be elected the government, must be forced instantly to contend all seats. You should only be allowed to contest either (1) every seat in the whole country, without exception, or...

Maurice Frank
by Maurice Frank
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