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Just had a search for "Lobbying" and currently nothing mentioned on it.  I think the constitution should provide some provisions improving the transparency of lobbying given what a fundamental impact it has on the Government's decision making, and how much has been written about the primacy of the people in other sections of the constitution. An obvious mechanism for this could be a register of lobbyists and lobbying activities, but these open to obvious abuses. Another mechanism could...

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Cosimo Montagu

Participatory budgeting is the process whereby "citizens participate directly in budget formulation, decision-making, and monitoring of budget execution. It creates a channel for citizens to give voice to their budget priorities." Participatory budgeting has been utilised in countries throughout the world, with notable successes in Porto Alegre Brazil where is has been in use since the 1980s. Notable outcomes include more intelligent delivery / design of public services (based on the...

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Bio Currently working in financial regulation, a firm believer in citizen engagement, and citizen voice in economic policy.



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