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Many constitutions have so-called "Eternity clause". It says something like this: The substantive requisites of the democratic, law-abiding State may not be removed. Intentionally, there is no list "substantive requisite. Basically, this prevents the parliament, even the people in a referendum, even unanimously, to remove democracy. For example, if the parliament passed an act allowing slavery or torture, or gave all powers to a dictator, it would be a void act. Don't take it wrong -...

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OK, let's assume the Supreme court gets the power to strike down laws if they breach human rights. Constitutional review. But... Should all rights be treated as equal? This is actually a complicated question. There are some rights, that are considered "fundamental," like right to life, freedom of speech, protection against torture... But then there are so-called social rights: Free health care, social support for the poor, unemployment benefits... My question is: Should those right be...

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Should the UK have a written codified constitution?

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