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Our voting system is fundamentally unfair. It invalidates so many of our votes, and is essentially undemocratic and antiquated. The Electoral Reform Society wrote a more eloquent attack on it in their proposal (read it here: https://constitutionuk.com/post/79624), but I aim to put forward a more detailed proposal for a specific system - the top up system.  The top up system isn't new, and is used by multiple countries worldwide, and here is my understanding of it (it may not be identical...

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Jake Deans

I adore history, so it pains me to say this, but I feel that the House of Commons in no longer fit to hold our government. This isn't just because it's in constant need of very expensive repair, but because it's very nature is detrimental to our government. Before you think I'm overthinking things, hear me out. Our House of Commons is not designed like most of the parliaments of Europe, but instead has two sets of benches opposite each other - an echo of the previous house, where the...

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I know a referendum was tried for this in the North East some years ago, but I feel very strongly that England needs devolved powers, and in an amended form this could be the way forward. My plan would run like this: England would be split into regions. Said regions would be decided via small referendums, opinion polls and small committees of local people being formed to discuss options. We want to hear the people's voice and not lump everybody into random arrangements. Each region,...

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